Cookstoves Future Summit

The problem is critical. The solution is clear. The use of open fires and traditional cookstoves and fuels is one of the world’s most pressing health and environmental problems. Globally, 3 billion people rely on solid fuels to cook, causing serious environmental and health impacts that disproportionally affect women and children. Household air pollution from

Biomass Briquettes

Briquettes are a household and institutional fuel, made by compacting biomass waste. Applications Briquettes have a wide variety of use from household to industrial. The fuel has not been fully exploited as there has not been scarcity of fuel in the past. However, with the current fuel shortage and ever rising prices, consumers are looking

Composting Basics

Composting is good for several reasons: It saves water by helping the soil hold moisture and reduces water runoff. It benefits the environment by recycling organic resources while conserving landfill space. It reduces the need for commercial soil conditioners and fertilizers. Compost provides many benefits. It adds nutrients and beneficial microbes, holds water, and improves

Solar energy prices to come down with tech breakthrough

As India gears up for solar projects under the recently-overhauled National Solar Mission programme, a breakthrough in polysilicon manufacturing promises to make solar energy at ₹6 or less per kilowatt-hour (kWhr) possible. Across the world, solar technologists have been grappling with the issue of converting more of sun’s energy falling on solar panels into electricity.