Smart Sandi
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Capacity per batch
Up to 15 pads per batch
Burn Duration
15 minutes
Batches per hour
4 batches per hour (60 pads per hour)
Pads destruction per day (8 hours)
480 pads per day
SMART Features

IOT Enabled – Patent Pending

Power Input
220 V Ac
Power Consumption
800 watts/hr (0.8 units per hour)
Waste Reduction by Volume
-- NA --
Burn Temperature
800° C ( ± 5°) as per CPCB norms
MS 1.2 mm thick and SS 1.2 mm thick
Thermal Insulation
Ceramic wool / board 50 mm thick
User Safety Features
  • Separate & Safe Pad-dropping hatch
  • Separate burn / incineration area
  • Flame Guard
  • RCCB  shock / electrocution protection 
LCD Display
  • Burn Temperature indicator
  • Burn Time left per batch / cycle
Auto Cut-Off
Electronic Timer and RCCB Controlled

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