At Elemantra, we facilitate the conversion of organic waste into a renewable resource which will in turn help in generation of economical, clean energy / power for our daily use. Through the process of anaerobic digestion, carried out in specially designed bio-digesters or biogas plants, we can treat all kinds of solid organic waste and convert this to biogas that can be directly used as fuel. Our Principals - Mailhem IkOS Environment Pvt Ltd, a Pune based Company, are the first waste management company to propagate the theory of co-digestion with different substrates to maximize the production of biogas.

We market Portable biogas plants / bio-digesters designed and developed by Mailhem IkOS Environment, Pune and Peepal Industries, Hyderabad, These units are pre-fabricated and are capable of handling various quantities of food and organic waste.

The biogas so generated in these plants / bio-digesters, (depending on the quantity of gas generated) can either be used as fuel directly in lieu of LPG or can be used to generate electricity using a biogas generator.

We offer solutions to individual homes, gated communities, large housing societies, large corporate kitchens etc.

Advanced factory assembly

  • Very compact, light-weight, easy to install and replace or relocate
  • Civil construction not required
  • Hygienic disposal of organic waste
  • Saving in power consumption
  • Minimal transportation costs