SANDI® – Sanitary Napkin / Pad Vending Machines

In view of the stigma and social taboo associated with sanitary napkins, majority of the girls/women, feel embarrassed and hesitate to go to the commonly known outlets for sanitary napkins, manned and often crowded by men, resulting in unsafe practices, and use of unhygienic materials during menstrual periods.

In order to promote hygienic practices among women especially during their menstrual cycle, we launched the 'Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine'.

The SANDI® advantage

  • Single & Multi Coin operated
  • Various models with different storage capacities
  • Swipe card version (to be launched soon)
  • Battery for power-back-up of up to 10 hours
  • Low stock alarm / indicator
  • Un-interrupted supply of low cost sanitary napkins / pad