SANDI® – Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine

The Background & Problem

Disposal of used Sanitary Napkins IS a very common problem. Women do not like to keep it in a washroom waste-bin as it leads to embarrassing visuals and bad odour. Sometimes such used napkins are packed in a plastic bag and dropped in dustbins. The most common way is to flush it into the drain. Both the above way of disposing sanitary napkins creates problems.

When these are flushed into the drains, it results in clogging of the drains, and by throwing them in dustbins we create health related problems due to hazardous contents in the used sanitary napkin.

A study by 'Chintan" a Delhi based NGO shows that over 80% girls flush their used sanitary napkins / pads and tampons into the toilet drains. Such a disposal consumes millions of litres of clean water in the toilets. In addition, it creates blocks the drainage system which requires periodical clearing, and is therefore a major maintenance cost factor.

The Solution

The best solution is to destroy the used sanitary napkins by incineration or burning. In the process of incineration (at very high temperatures usually about 800◦ c), the waste is converted to ash, which is sterile, since at such high temperatures, almost all pathogens are also destroyed. It is common knowledge that ash is easy and safe to dispose off even if it is flushed through a toilet drain.

We introduce SANDI® - the Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine, which is basically an incinerator, specifically designed to handle various capacities (Volumes) to suit almost every kind of need and destroys them safely.

So what’s incineration?

Incineration is a controlled combustion process of burning hazardous substances. The burning happens at temperatures as high as 800° C. The heat is enough to destroy all potentially hazardous pathogens. What remains is just sterile ash. Approximately 1 to 2 grams of ash is produced by each napkin, It is completely sterile and can be easily disposed off upon cooling, by mixing with the soil or just flushing down the toilet.

The SANDI® advantage

  • CPCB Norms compliant
  • Incineration at 800°C
  • Shock-proof & safe - Comes protected with RCCB
  • Hygienic: Reduces germs risk to zero.
  • User friendly, Easy operation: Simple control panel
  • Flame-free napkin dropping port – safety feature
  • Light on the planet: Less than 1 gram of ash produced per napkin
  • Low maintenance: A convenient ash tray for easy cleaning
  • Rigid GI metal chimney with rain & rodent hood.